Umami Tofu Bars

Back to School Snacks

By Victoria Stanton August 28, 2018

Let's face it most families are either going vegetarian or taking the next step and going vegan! to live healthier lifestyles. The common misconception is that the foods are less tasty and less options as far as snacking. Well if you haven't already do yourself a favor and try Umami's tofu snack bars! They come in three different flavors Orange Teriyaki, Hickory Smoke, and Savory. My family enjoyed the Hickory smoke the best, while my youngest of 18 months preferred the Savory.

The easy to go size can fit in a lunchbox and is easy enough to eat anywhere. Imagine those beef jerky sticks without the meat but a  tender chicken like texture.

Important facts about Umami tofu bars

 Go Umami is a grab ‘n go tofu snack bar

-          Contains 5g of vegan protein

-          Each bar is 1 oz. and available in Savory, Hickory Smoke and Orange Teriyaki flavors

-          Served in individual, easy-peel packages

-          Perishable (similar to string cheese, yogurt, hummus, etc. in that it should be refrigerated and not left out too long)

-          Vegan

-          Non-GMO Project Verified

-          Gluten Free certified

-          Kosher certified

-          Retail price (depending on store) $0.99 ~ $1.59

-          Cholesterol free

-          Low sugar, calories, carbs

-          If consumers ask, Glucono Delta Lactone is the coagulant used in making tofu (basically a thickener for soy milk to make tofu)

-          Kid friendly

-          No preservatives