About The Publisher: Samantha

Hi! I am so excited and happy to be your new publisher for Macaroni Kid in Huntington, Melville, and Dix Hills. I was always a big fan and now I have the opportunity to connect to the community and share family friendly ideas, events, and anything of interest to my readers. I am the publisher, but I ask for and welcome any and all suggestions on how we can continue to make this web site a true and valuable resource for our families, neighbors, and friends.

I am an educator by training and have spent most of my adult life as an early childhood teacher. I own a preschool where, besides the administrative responsibilities, I relish the time I spend interacting with the children and their families. Throughout my career I have searched everywhere I could, including Macaroni Kid, to find activities, experiences, and places to complement what I do in the classroom and further enhance and support the educational experience of the children and their parents.

I also own and operate a home care companionship service which affords our senior citizens the opportunity and dignity to remain in their homes while ensuring their safety and guaranteeing their families peace of mind. I guess I’m dedicated to the valuable contributions that individuals at each end of the age continuum bring to our lives.

My adage, and the motto of my preschool, is, re-imagining education as a joyous process; together with the Huntington, Melville, and Dix Hills community, I will strive to help us all to identify and promote all the wonderful things this little section of Long Island has to offer.